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 (NEW) My aplication ^^

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(NEW) My aplication ^^ Empty
PostSubject: (NEW) My aplication ^^   (NEW) My aplication ^^ EmptyThu Oct 13, 2011 6:50 am

1. Facebook Name and Link: Marchel Putra Tomoharu
2. Age : 22
3. Country : Indonesia
4. Emblem User : Emblem
5. Tokens : 11104
6. Xat Name and XAT ID Number: Dark_Mayor (CitokarBalst)
U can see MY VIdeo at here >> http : //www . youtube. com/ watch?v=4cJ45nmqX1k
Ready for check char and attend in final day ^^
Main Char in Emblem Account:
1.Vi-chan Kitazawa (60)id:30245480

Other Chars in Emblem Account:
2.Sen Sabaku No Gaara (60)id:27410826
3.Sen Hatake Kakashi (71)id:17248290
4."Shikamaru" Garel (50)id:17957251
5.Tetsu Renji (1) Id:37784578
6.Mayaru Hiten (2) Id:37701486

9. Previous Clans:
>>Zheninjas (s7-s14)
10. Reason why you leave your last clan : Zhen not have stop for clan war
11. Reason why you wanted to join EE : I wanna fight again and make EE in top rank
12. Person you know in EE : Nothing
13. Will you be online for 5 hrs in last day of Clan
Tournaments? yes I will and it must
14. Do you own a clan and how many slots? Nothing

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(NEW) My aplication ^^
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