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 Application for s21

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Application for s21 Empty
PostSubject: Application for s21   Application for s21 EmptyMon Nov 28, 2011 11:58 pm

1. Facebook Name and Link:Wait till i get registered (Kristijan Puyol Vujicic)
2. Age:15
3. Country:Serbia
4. Emblem User:no
5. Tokens: 6600
6. Video of your NS Character showing "Select a Character Page, Character Page with tokens and Clan Hall" Will post it tomorrow
7. Xat Name and XAT ID Number:VampirYeah 369990209
8. Emblem User:/
9. Previous Clans:
Season 1 -Zheninjas
Season 2 -/
Season 3 -/
Season 4 -/
Season 5 -/
Season 6 -/
Season 7 -/
Season 8 -/
Season 9 - /
Season 10 -/
Season 11 -/
Season 12 - /
Season 13 -/
Season 14 -/
Season 15 -/
Season 16 -/
Season 17 -/
Season 18-/
Season 19-/
Season 20-/
10. Reason why you left your last clan:I was in hospital and couldn't play NS.That is why i was kicked Razz
11. Reason why you wanted to join EE:I want to take part in Clan Wars again.To be in one of the best clans in NS
12. Person you know in EE:Dixon,Rianna,ItachiUchiha,Gaara Kazekage...
13. Will you be online for 5hrs in last day of Clan Tournaments?I will be 24 hours(if final day is on sunday i will be then 48)
14. Do you own a clan and how many slots?I don't own clan
15. What is the ID of your Clan and Name of the CM?/
16. What can you do to help EE be better apart from the obvious?Everything that is in my power
17. Will you be online in xat everyday? Of course
18. Very Important: ROUGHLY when did you start playin NS in this account? Between 20-30 December 2009
19. Do you have another NS Account that you own or play then please give us link, Char Names and IDs and Clan if you have it?Don't have
20. Are all you chars don't have a clan now if they do then PLEASE QUIT IT!?/
21. If we start inviting your chars and ended up they are still in a clan this means YOU ARE REJECTED TO JOIN EE! do you understand?Yes,i do
22. How do you acquire your tokens? (please give details of what kind of payment do you use):Earning,buying(credit card(i will start using next year Razz and phone(buying from ads)
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Application for s21
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