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PostSubject: Recruit Application   Recruit Application EmptySun Sep 04, 2011 9:15 pm

1. Facebook Name and Link: Isaac Chew Sheng Yuan (赵昇源),

2. Age: 24

3. Country: Singapore

4. Emblem User: Yes

5. Tokens: 5415


7. XAT name and ID : ChewsyDIsaac (372712129)

8.Main Char in Emblem Account (Name - ID - Level):
1. Chewsy D Isaac (33396841) lvl 80

Other Chars in Emblem Account (Name - ID - Level):
2. Spit Fire (35611758) lvl 7
3. 義氣 (37203256) lvl 2
4. 正義 (37203477) lvl 2
5. Lucy Heartfilia (37714983) lvl 1
6. Wendy Marvell (37715186) lvl 1

9. Previous Clans: Kesadaran

10. Reason why you left your last clan: Inactive clan

11. Reason why you wanted to join EE: I play a game to win, not to lose. This clan can satisfy & allow me to achieve the goal.

12. Person you know in EE: Ming Wan, Rinor Buzhala

13. Will you be online for 5hrs in last day of Clan Tournaments? Depends. My current time zone is GMT+8. As long as it does not fall on the 6am-8pm, will do.

14. Do you own a clan and how many slots? NO

15. What is the ID of your Clan and Name of the CM? NIL

16. What can you do to help EE be better apart from the obvious? I will be topping up 7500 tokens every month end purely for clan usage. 4 hours play time per weekdays, 12 hours /- play time per weekends. Contribute to reputation.

17. Will you be online in xat everyday? YES. However, not every minute & second as we have work & family commitment.

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Recruit Application
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